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As natives of Colorado, it’s important for us at ECO Roof and Solar to make a positive environmental impact by utilizing solar to produce clean renewable energy. In order to keep Colorado looking beautiful for generations to come, we must take a stand against energy production from fossil fuel and use ever-renewable resources such as the sun to produce clean, safe, energy to power our homes and businesses. As a partnered roofer for Dow Powerhouse Soar Shingles we are able to offer you the most innovative solar roofing technology available.

As an Authorized Dealer, we are pleased to offer Dow powerhouse solar shingles, created for today’s homeowners who choose to live each day empowered. Now you can take control of utility bills by using the sun’s clean, abundant energy with a custom-designed array of Solar Shingles you’ll be proud to own. This is a system that feeds electricity to your home. Call us today to discover the many benefits that Dow powerhouse solar shingles offer:

  • Complements the design and roof line of any home
  • Protects the home while providing energy and savings to you
  • Offers a monitoring system to monitor and manage electricity usage
  • Made in USA
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Delivers durable performance
  • Built to withstand hail, winds, and even 110 mph wind-driven rain
  • Backed by the Dow brand and a 20-year warranty
  • Safeguards too: POWERHOUSE has earned Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety certifications feeds electricity to your home.

A Whole New Kind Of Roof

Dow powerhouse solar shingles have completely changed the way the world looks at roofs, simply by making them work harder. Instead of merely lying passively on your house, these shingles generate electricity from the sun’s rays to power your life – while still keeping everything inside protected from the elements. And between making electricity, saving you money and increasing your home’s value, they’re one of the smartest investments you can make for your home

Why Solar

Solar is the fastest growing energy source in the world, and for good reason. It offers a limitless supply of clean, safe, renewable energy for heat and power. And it’s more affordable, more efficient, and reliable than ever.

The advantages of Solar and other renewable power sources are clear: greater independence from imported fossil fuels, a cleaner environment, diversity of power sources, relief from the volatility of energy prices, more jobs and greater domestic economic development. With new solutions like the Dow powerhouse solar shingles, solar energy has never been more financially attractive or aesthetically pleasing.

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Go Solar

A rooftop installation of Dow powerhouse solar shingles is much more affordable than most people realize. With Federal tax credits of 30%, along with possible state and utility discounts, and the ability to cover the cost of a solar system in the first half of its intended life, a Dow powerhouse roof has a lower net cost over its lifetime than a home equipped with a conventional roof and grid-supplied electricity.

More Than Just An Energy Solution – It’s Energy Empowerment

Now you can take control of those utility bills by using the sun’s clean abundant energy. Every kWh of energy created is one you don’t have to buy from the power company. Finally, a roof that powers your home and empowers you.

Maintenance Free & Powered By The Sun

Dow powerhouse solar shingles are ready to greet the sunlight, but they’re also ready to stand up to wind, rain, snow, hail and fire. They’ve passed, and earned, seven certifications for both performance and safety, which means they’ve been tested, retested, validated and certified to stand up to the worst of the worst — including 150 mph winds and hail as large as 1¼”. They’ve been designed to be maintenance free and to give your home every bit of the protection you’d demand from an ordinary roof.

And that protection is guaranteed by a 20-year warranty from Dow. Confidently made in the U.S.A. by one of America’s most trusted names in building materials, you can be sure your home is protected and powered by one of the most advanced roofs in the world.

For specifics on what solar energy will cost any homeowner, consider specifics such as a home’s size, the orientation of the roof, the weather, the homeowner’s energy offset goals, local utility rates and available renewable energy programs. For more information regarding Dow powerhouse solar shingles please call ECO Roof and Soar at 303.484.9854.