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Commercial Solar Solutions

At ECO Roof and Solar we install full-service solar power systems for commercial, industrial, educational, and government customers. As an industry-leading contractor, who specializes in commercial roofing, we are able to provide you with solutions and answers that will help increase the life of your roof while lowering your overall energy cost.

By making an environmentally wise decision to go solar, your business can benefit in many ways, including, but not limited to, lowering your operational cost and increasing your overall visibility in the community as a go green company.

Why Go Solar

  • Reach your energy goals: Depending on your energy goals, ECO Roof and Solar can provide you with different options that can greatly reduce or even eliminate your current electric bill.
  • Get a Federal tax break: The Federal Government offers a Tax Credit Program for renewable energy. The tax credit is equal to 30-percent of the cost of the installed solar array, after any state or local incentives.
  • State of Colorado: The State of Colorado waives all sales tax on renewable energy system, including solar array installations
  • Excel cash rebate:  Xcel-Energy Corporation offers exceptional rebates to their Colorado customers for Solar Photovoltaic Systems. Systems up to 10kW are eligible for up to $1.75 per installed DC watt in rebate.
  • Increase your bottom line: When you decide to purchase a solar system for your business you will see a significant saving in your energy bill improving bottom line and allowing you to focus resources on other core business strategies.
  • Community leader: By making an environmentally conscious decision to go solar you will positively impact your image to your community, customers and employees.
  • Maintenance Free: Enjoy a consistent clean power source with very little to no maintenance and an unbeatable warranty.

Solar Value Proposition

If you are a savvy commercial enterprise or local business that want to significantly offset your utility cost and increase your bottom line, we can help. At ECO Roof and Solar we can create predictable energy solutions that offset your bottom line while helping you make a powerful statement about your social responsibility for the next 20 – 30 years. If are interested in implementing solar power into your business please call us at 303.484.9854 to request more information.