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Did you know that paint is the first line of defense against moisture and is one of two main components when holding your home together? When the exterior paint on your home is faded, flaking, chipping, peeling or damaged a new sealant is needed to protect your homes exterior from water saturation.

Denver Exterior Paint Repair

At ECO Roof and Solar our emergency repair teams are available 24/7 and are certified experts at assessing damage caused by recent storms. If your home has recently been hit by a storm and you would like to file an insurance claim please call us at 303.484.9854 or request a free inspection with one of our certified inspectors today.

Questions And Answers

  • What is the average dry time for paint? The paint must be dry to the touch, which takes about 60 minutes after final coating.
  • What type of paint should be used? At ECO Roof and Solar we use Kwal Ambassador or Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. These are by far the best exterior painting products on the market, in fact Kwal Ambassador is only sold in dryer climates such as Colorado. Both Kwal and Sherwin Williams are very elastic and allow the house to expand and contract as the temperature changes.
  • Should I get my gutters installed before painting? Yes, you should have your gutters installed before painting that way we don’t have to repaint them.
  • What temperature does it need to be to paint? In order for the paint to dry correctly the temperature needs to be above 38 degrees.
  • Will all of my exterior be re-primed? All of the bare metal and wood will be re-primed and if the paint is still in good condition it also acts as a primer.
  • Will the entire house be sprayed? We generally spray the body of the home and paint all of the trim and fascia by hand.
  • Is it better to spray or hand paint? In most cases it is better to spray because you get a thicker more even coat.