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Understanding Storm Damage

Every year Denver has one or more extreme weather events that can cause serious damage such as hail damage and wind damage to your homes or business. Most of the time the damage caused by these storms is noticeable however it’s important to remember that not all storm damage is obvious and that hidden damage can cause problems weeks or even months after a storm. To be sure you don’t have any hidden damage we recommend you use our storm damage checklist and call ECO Roof and Solar at 303.484.9854 for a free inspection.

Hail Damage

Hail can cause significant damage to both the exterior of your property (roof, siding, windows, gutter, decks, etc…), as well as interior damage due to leaks. Hailstones are layered balls of ice that can form in irregular shapes and clump together in hard, heavy balls, making them potentially destructive when falling at speeds up to 25 mph or higher. Hail stones bigger than ½” in diameter to around ¾” have the potential to damage roofs, and thus warrant an inspection. No matter the size of hail, you should do a visual check yourself and then schedule a free inspection with an expert from ECO Roof and Solar. In most cases insurance adjusters don’t always have your best interest in mind and may overlook problem areas, leaving you financially responsible for repairs. If you are unsure whether you have sustained damage to your roof, give us a call at 303.484.9854.

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Wind Damage

Wind-damaged shingles can sometimes be easy for owners to spot because they may be blown off of the roof. Wind can also lift, stress or crack shingles, causing more subtle damage that could go unnoticed to the untrained eye and without repair, ultimately resulting in a leaky roof. Wind damage is typically covered by insurance policies for residential and commercial owners. At ECO Roof and Solar we can make the process of repairing damage easy for you by examining your roof thoroughly and preparing a damage report for your insurance adjuster.

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Ice Damage

The cold Colorado winter months can bring many cold weather days and heavy amounts of snow. A common related side effect of that snow is that it can create ice dams when heat from the inside of a home escapes into the attic and warms the roof. This heat, along with heat from the sun, can melt snow on your roof. This results in water backing up under shingles and behind fascia, which will ultimately soak through the roof deck and cause damage to attics, insulation, ceilings, and walls. ECO Roof and Solar can help you make these modifications to prevent against ice damming, via proper attic insulation, ventilation, and installation of water-proofing shingle underlayment (commonly known as ice and water shield).

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Making Insurance Claims Easy

To elevate the stress and time it takes to file an insurance claim ECO Roof and Solar has developed a simple 5-step process that will assist you every step of the way.

  1. Call ECO Roof and Solar for free inspection 303.484.9854
  2. Confirm Damage and File Claim
  3. Set appointment with insurance adjuster
  4. Get every penny you deserve
  5. Review scope of work and set start date

Your Storm Damage Checklist

So you think you need a new roof. Don’t worry. This helpful guide will walk you through everything you need to know — and everything you need to do — to make your roof replacement go smoothly.

NOTE: We recommend that you do not attempt to climb up on your roof. Especially after a storm, the roof structure may be weakened and shingles may be slippery. If you suspect roof damage, call a professional contractor you can trust to assist you with your assessment.

  •  Assess your roof for storm damage. Walk around the perimeter of your home and photograph or take note of any damage. Obvious signs of damage may include dented, torn, curled or missing shingles.
  •  Look for leaks and water spots in your attic and ceilings. Even though your roof may appear undamaged from the outside, wind and hail may have caused leaks that can lead to problems later. Check ceilings and light fixtures for signs of water and inspect your attic closely with a flashlight.
  •  Check gutters, roofing accessories and windows. Though your shingles may appear undamaged, dents in gutters and roof vents may point to hidden roof damage. Also be sure to inspect windows for cracks, loose weather-stripping and torn screens.
  •  Call ECO Roof & Solar. After a storm, there may be a lot of contractors competing for your attention. Make sure you choose a contractor you can trust such as ECO Roof and Solar — to assess your damage, provide a free inspection and replace your roof using proven products.
  •  Inspect the area around your home. Check for fallen tree limbs, broken fences and damage to lawn furniture and exterior decorations. Look closely at flat surfaces such as patios and decks for signs of hail damage.
  •  Report insurance claim. If your home or business has recently been affected by storm damage we recommend you follow ECO Roof and Solar simple 5-step process to report an insurance claim.