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As a building owner and an investor that specializes in commercial roofing, we at ECO Roof and Solar understand the importance of protecting one’s investment. Many of you may already know an unexpected roof leak can be disruptive to your tenants, cause extensive damage to property and be devastating to your business. As Denver’s Leading resource for commercial roofing and repairs we understand the crucial difference a reliable roofing system can make. That’s why at ECO Roof and Solar we build commercial roofs that last a lifetime. As a Certified GAF Master Elite Contractor and GAF Master Select Flat Roof Specialist, ECO Roof and Solar is committed to providing you and your investors the ultimate in roof system reliability and valuable energy savings.


At ECO Roof and Solar we have developed a Preventative Maintenance Program to help business owners and property mangers get the most out of their roofs by minimizing surprises and eliminating roofing failures caused by neglect. When it comes to commercial roofing portfolios, we often have the misconception that if our roofs are not leaking, we don’t need to bother with them. This out-of sight, out-of-mind perspective is one of the root causes for premature roofing failures and expensive collateral damage costs. Whether you’re a building owner, property manager, place of worship, an apartment complex, or homeowners association, ECO Roof and Solar can help you increase your bottom line and minimize surprises through our preventative maintenance program. For more information call us today at 303.484.9854